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New model Euphonic Array for Sound Therapy!

By October 14, 2022Music

Hi Everybody! 

We are psyched to announce we are taking orders for our newest version of Euphone, the Acolyte  Instruments Euphonic Array Overtone1! Different in look and purpose than the Euphonic Array 1D, the  tuning of the Overtone places it in a truly unique niche. The Euphonic Array Overtone1 is tuned in “Just  Intonation”. It plays relative harmonics, overtones that occur in nature. Starting at frequency 65.406,  the Overtone plays a variety of corresponding frequencies. The Overtone is less of an instrument for  musicians but more meant to be used by those who seek the therapeutic power of sound from an  instrument that is wholly unique. Available in a 5 and 7-frequency arrangement, more details and  helpful graphs are shown on the Acolyte Instruments website. 

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