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This is an exciting time at the Acolyte Instruments workshop. Our founder Terence Jay is currently hammering away on a new project!
Tuned Gongs of various sizes shapes and styles!

Due to the completely handmade nature of each gong, instruments are available in very small quantities! Below you will see videos of our available gongs. If you would like to purchase one of the gongs on this page you must send us an email through the contact page or email – if you purchase one of the gongs listed below you WILL receive the gong in the video! We are currently not accepting any custom gong work but will be in the future. (Gongs do not include mallets)

Sedna Gong

26” stainless steel

Jupiter Gong

26” stainless steel

Venus Dimple Gong

26” stainless steel

If you would like to purchase one of our Gongs or get notification when new gongs are available please email us at or CLICK HERE  CONTACT US