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Acolyte Instruments is very proud to present an innovation in sound, its first generation of Euphonic Instruments, the Acolyte Instruments Euphonic Array™ . Invented by Chris Andersen and Acolyte Instruments founder, Terence Jay, Euphonics (also sometimes called a Euphone or Euphones) are a brand new class of friction activated musical instruments made of metal.

All of our Euphonic Arrays™  are completely modular and easily expandable; simple to setup and breakdown.

There are various classes of Euphone/Euphonics – Musical Euphonics (the Chroma and the 1D) Overtone Euphonics (Overtone1 -5 or 7 frequency) and Monaural Beat Euphonics.

Musical Euphonics are tuned in equal temperament- this means you can play practically any piece of traditional music on them. Overtone Euphonics are tuned in Just Intonation (outside the western standard). Monaural Beat Euphonics (also called Monaural Pairs) are specifically tuned with the notes 4hz apart from each other which creates a beat/wave effect that is very conducive to meditation..

Want a custom color or custom tuning for your Euphonic Array™? Any frequency is possible.  CONTACT US