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Acolyte Instruments is very proud to present an innovation in sound, its first generation of Euphonic Instruments, the Acolyte Instruments Euphonic Array™ . Invented by Chris Andersen and Acolyte Instruments founder, Terence Jay, Euphonics (also sometimes called a Euphone or Euphones) are a brand new class of friction activated musical instruments made of metal.

All of our Euphonic Arrays  are completely modular and easily expandable; simple to setup and breakdown.

There are 2 classes of Euphone/Euphonics – Musical Euphonics (the 1D) and Sonic Experience Euphonics (the Overtone1).

Musical Euphonics are tuned to equal temperament – this means you can play any piece of music on them. Sonic experience Euphonics are tuned in Just Intonation and are more geared towards our sound therapy customers.

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