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The Acolyte Handpan

The Acolyte Handpan is the perfect choice for a first time purchaser or even a seasoned pro!

  • An Exceptional Value at Only $1199
  • Made in the USA – every portion of the manufacturing process from steel forming to fine tuning and finishing is done completely in our workshop in Glendale Ca!
  • 100% Hand tuned by our skilled craftsmen
  • NO WAIT TIME! You could literally receive your instrument within days of placing your order depending on where you are located.
  • We ship World Wide
  • LOW Maintenance – Unlike 99% of other Handpans on the market, our PC Steel finish never needs to be Lubricated making it very easy to take care of
  • Available in multiple popular and versatile scales – MINIS too!
  • Beautiful Embroidered custom bags are available

Any questions…just ask!


We ship FAST!  Most orders shipped next day, but please allow 6-10 days for your order to ship.


See what our clients say about us...

Absolutely AMAZING instrument! – September 15, 2021

“I’m in love with this handpan drum!!! This instrument sounds like heaven and doesn’t require much effort to make it sound nice and loud, unlike cheaper versions made in China. I know what I’m talking about, because I’ve made a mistake trying to save money and bought one of those. Trust me, this company makes excellent product and it is made in USA. Quality of this handpan is outstanding for the money! The best instrument for beginners for sure and for professionals as well. Highly recommend!”

Amazing! – June 8, 2021

“I like everything about this handpan. The sound is amazing. Easy to play, very bright, nice sustain. For a first pan this is a winner.”

 Packaging is 100% the best you can get! –  – May 23, 2021

“Loved that this came in a package that kept it safe. Ive seen the way some of those delivery truck drivers drive and the packaging made sure it got to me without any damage! It sounds beautiful and is easy for me to learn new songs on.”

The best piece in my living room –  – April 10, 2021

“It’s a beauty, sounds great, is made with sweat and crafsmansh, and you’re supporting a local LA creative endeavor. Couldn’t be happier with mine! Follow their instagram account, it’s fun and happy :)”

You get what you pay for!… – March 24, 2021

“Im a beginner with this instrument and i first bought a handpan off amazon for 487$. It was horrible could barely get a tune out of it. I returned it immediately.  Bought another handpan and it cost 680$ it was better than the first but still didn’t have the sound i was looking for. After i returned that and got refunded i purchased this acolyte e major handpan and man what a diff!!! In Quality, sound everything, the pan has such a beautiful melody and i cant keep my hands off it!

Very satisfied with this beautiful handpan instrument! – November 4, 2020

Did a LOT of research before putting down my hard-earned cash on this
instrument, but overall Iʼm very pleased with the instrument & the Nirvana/Acolyte company. When I recently heard handpan music for the first time, there was something special about it that hooked me. As I started doing my research, I realized these are not inexpensive items, & there can be long wait times to get a good one. While I play other musical instruments, Iʼm new to percussion. I wasnʼt sure I wanted to make a big financial commitment to something Iʼd never even gotten to try out in real life. But I also know from experience that trying to learn on a cheap, low quality instrument can be a recipe for quitting & disappointment. I chose the Dm Celtic scale because it is an easy & pleasing sounding scale that has chords that will harmonize well for my vocal range & common guitar/dulcimer chords. This is something to consider if you want to play with other musicians; but it is sounds great as a solo instrument. While I love the ringing sound & sustain of a stainless steel handpan, I wasnʼt ready to pay another $1-2K more for that. This pan has a beautiful tone, & when I learned the proper way to strike it to promote its natural resonance, it sounds quite good. It is powder-coated, so the protective coating makes it very low maintenance, which is a plus. The coating brings out the beautiful natural colors of the steel which varies from blue to grey depending on the light. The soft-sided case that is included is very high quality & protective. The Nirvana office guy who answered my call was patient with all my newbie questions. They shipped it the first business day, & it arrived 2 states away by FedEx ground 3 days later. Extremely well packed & marked as fragile, with signature upon delivery. I appreciate that Jay (the owner) is a well-respected pan maker, who happens to be in the USA. While itʼs always nice to buy USA, another reason why this is good, is that pans can need to be re-tuned every few years, & itʼs easier/less expensive if you can send them back to their maker for that service. While $1300 is not cheap by any stretch, this is a very good quality entry-level handpan, that will give me years of enjoyment. As I continue to advance in my handpan skills, I anticipate I may graduate to a “fancier”pan in the future. 

Who knows, I might just decide to get another pan that will play nicely with this one 🙂 There are some great free tutorials on YouTube to get you started…learning percussion basics will make a world of difference in seeing how simple strikes & different rhythm changes will keep you inspired & entertained for hours. If you really want a handpan, you can’t go wrong
with this one!”

Recommended to my friends… – October 22, 2020

“I’ve had this D minor handpan for quite a while and I just can’t get enough of it. I’m a beginner and it’s not difficult to learn. The price for it is fair and I’m hoping to purchase a couple more in the future. You’ll definitely need a stand for it or you can just sit and put it on your lap as I do. The 8 sounds are harmonious.”

Beautiful Sound – June 26, 2020

“Love love love. I got the em scale for happy vibe sounds. Playing melodies right out of the box .. and for fun busted out the close encounters tune in my “flying saucer” instrument which got a smile from my husband. It’s beautiful and I am happy to not have maintenance with oils.. as it’s coated. I am already thinking of getting another scale .. I love this so much “

Highly Recommend Acolyte Handpans – May 20, 2020

“Beautiful sound, quality build, great company, great price. Online demo videos and the review by Sylvain Paslier (search for “The Best Budget Handpan”) convinced me to take a chance and order this one and I’m very glad I did. It may be “budget” in terms of price, but there’s nothing “budget” as far as sound and quality. I was so impressed that I ordered 4 more. I already received one of them and it sounds as great as my first one. Also, Jay, the owner and builder, has been very responsive to my questions and is always very helpful and friendly. With musical instruments, I think it’s very important to buy from someone who stands behind their product and Jay definitely does. Highly recommended.”

Acolyte / Nirvana Instruments are divine! – May 13, 2020

“I have been searching quite a while for the perfect handpan. The search is over. I am no musician, I love music and wanted to bang on something with the same passion I banged on my school desk listening to Phil Collins back in the day. This is it. The shine, the sound, the service and shipping were all immensely thoughtful at Acolyte/Nirvana Instruments. The shipping was quick. The wait was minimal. The double strap handle has already proven very useful and I’ve had the instrument for less than a week. A handpan you will learn are an investment, but the joy Acolyte/Nirvana brings to the table is priceless. Thank you

An Outstanding Handpan!  – March 8, 2020

“This handpan is a pleasure to play. It is very responsive to my touch and the
quality of the sound is impressive. The notes that come out of it take me to
another world. The surface is smooth and I appreciate that with normal handpan care, I don’t need to worry about rust. It is evident that the maker of this handpan cares about creating a high quality and beautiful instrument. I really appreciate that he has made this caliber available for a price that doesn’t break the bank

Craftsman Han Pan on Amazon – December 19, 2019

“Acolyte hand pan sounds great. Arrived the day after I ordered it! Granted, it shipped from LA to San Diego, but still, they ship same day! Acolyte has three tunings to choose from, and they’ve figured out how to make enough hand pans to keep a stock, but without sacrificing the craftsmanship you need for that beautiful tone.

I also called Acolyte before ordering to make sure they were real — picked up on third ring and answered my questions. If you’re interested in a hand pan — just get one of these! They also have E major and F hijaz tunings.”

DM Celtic – November 12, 2019

“It’s so resonant it practically plays itself. As a bonus, it arrived a week from the day I ordered it, which was earlier than the earliest projected delivery date, so pick your scale and get ready to play.”

John H. Brown – August 17, 2019
Happy customer

“I took a ton of time to research where to buy my first handpan. My brother had purchased an Acolyte Handpan and loves it. The seller was very helpful answering tons of questions. The order arrived sooner than estimated and was well packed. The box had fragile stickers all over it. The instrument sounds great. All the notes are right on tune and the resonance is better than expected. I’m really happy with it. I love that Acolyte is powder coating the instruments so you don’t have to oil the handpan every month. That was a huge plus for me.  I’m a happy customer.   Thank you!”

Chief Bryen – June 12, 2019
“The shop was very responsive with all my questions and the handpan came quickly via FedEx. As a person who never played one before, I was very impressed with the sound quality of this instrument. This is truly an amazing piece of art and I love playing it every day. This beautiful sounding handpan would be something I recommend for anyone looking for a high quality instrument for a good price. I couldn’t be any happier with this purchase!”

Still more questions about the Acolyte? CONTACT US