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How long does it take to have an instrument made?

Acolyte Handpans have zero wait time and ship as soon as you order.
Nirvana Handpans typically take between 4-8 weeks to have made and ready to ship.

Can I have a scale made that isn’t offered on your sound models menu?

Yes – Just let us know what you would like and we will help sort it out!

Will you make pans with more notes on the top or bottom?

Acolyte Handpans are currently only available with 8 notes total.
Nirvana Handpan custom orders you may add as many notes as we can comfortably fit on the instrument.

Do you tune to 440hz?

Yes. Unless otherwise requested all instruments are tuned to 440hz. We tune to 432 only upon request. If tuning to 432 we request the initial deposit be half the total cost of the instrument.

Are there any notes you don’t make?

This depends on the diameter of the instrument

Do you ship your instruments?

Yes. We ship world wide! If shipping outside the country we don’t require, but we do recommend you also purchase an Evateck Hardcases to accompany your instrument. Any import or VAT fees are not included and are the buyers responsibility.

Where are you located if I want to come pick my instrument up?

We are located in Glendale, California, USA.

How big are your handpans?

We currently offer 2 different sized pans – 21″, and Mini 17.75″

Secondhand instruments?

We cannot guarantee the performance or quality of any Nirvana Handpan, or Acolyte Handpan not purchased directly from us. These instruments require care and some owners care for their instruments better than others.


We do everything we can to maintain the best visual appearance of our instruments before they are shipped to you, however due to the building process sometimes your pan may get small scratches here and there but nothing substantial.

Does the instrument come with a bag?

Acolyte Handpans do not come with a bag but you have the option to purchase one at checkout.
All Nirvana Handpans come with a soft carry bag and you also have the option to upgrade to an evatek hardcase.

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