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Hi Everybody! There are hundreds of different elements that go into making a single Acolyte Euphonic Array 1D. The process is staggering! But with the wonderful comments and compliments we’ve received from players and owners from all over the world, we at Acolyte Instruments think it’s worth the hard work…

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Hi Everybody! We’re not complaining, but the air conditioner in the shop broke during our last heat wave, well we’re complaining a bit. But we kept on working through it to fill all your orders for the Acolyte Euphonic Array 1D and all Acolyte Handpans. Ironically we are sending an…

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Euphonic Array 1D – A Smash Hit!

Hi Everybody! The pre-order for our brand new Acolyte Euphonic Array 1D was overwhelming! That really got us in gear; pre-orders are in the process of being shipped out and now we are accepting orders for the Euphone on a regular basis. The Acolyte Euphonic Array 1D is simply an…

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Come Visit the Euphone at Acolyte Instruments

Hi Everybody! The Acolyte Euphonic Array 1D is a truly unique instrument. There is no other manufacturer, anywhere, who builds an instrument that delivers such a resonant, enveloping sound. As wonderful as it is to hear online, it really needs to be experienced first-hand. If you are in the Southern…

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Acolyte Instruments Growth Spurt

Hi Everybody! So how big has the pre-order and regular ordering been for the Acolyte Euphonic Array 1D? So big we had to hire TWO new workers in the shop to get your instrument to you! Orders generally get heavier as we see the Holidays approaching. But with the addition…

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Euphonic Gift Idea

Hi Everybody! For those thinking of an Acolyte Euphonic Array 1D as a gift for someone, like maybe yourself, now is the time! We love Fall but it means an extra busy time in the shop. And everyone who wants an Acolyte Handpan or an Acolyte Euphone would be wise…

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Acolyte Euphonic Array 1D

Hi Everybody! The preorder for the brand new Acolyte Euphonic Array 1D has been amazing! We knew there would be interest but your response has been so gratifying! And as excited as we are at your response we are really amped up to get you your very own Acolyte Euphone!…

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The First Nirvana’s of 2021!

Hey Everybody! Check out the first two Nirvana Handpans to leave the shop in 2021! A beautiful F Major MINI and a full-size Romanian Hijaz E both made in PC Steel. We are also thrilled to announce on February 11th, Nirvana Handpan’s first single ‘Gnosis’ will be coming to all…

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Workshop in Glendale, California

We thought you might enjoy a quick look at our workshop in Glendale, California with our founder and Handpan maker, Jay. It’s a fun peek, but if you can get a chance to come by you will have the opportunity to meet Jay in person, learn more about the process...
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