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Acolyte Euphonics

An innovation in sound, invented and manufactured in the U.S.A.


Acolyte Instruments

Acolyte Instruments offers a wide variety of handpans for any budget. Acolyte models handpans are readily available, hand tuned and handmade entirely in the USA!


The Nirvana Handpan

Acolyte Instruments is also the home of Nirvana Handpan, whose line of high quality professional instruments are handcrafted by artisan, Terence Jay. Nirvana models can be custom ordered in a variety of materials and a wide range of scales.


Our Handpans

Acolyte Handpan

Acolyte Handpan

* 3 Scales Available
* No Wait Times
* Starting at $1200
Nirvana Handpan

Nirvana Handpan

* Fully Customizable
* Various Materials
* Starting at $2000



Handpan 1 Title

Handpan 6 Title

“The Pan Man”

Handpan Title 8