For Builders

We provide both top and bottom shells in 17.75” mini and 21” industry standard sizes. Our shells are hydro formed 18 gauge 1008 cold rolled steel. We only provide MATERIALS for building Handpans.

We DO NOT PROVIDE any guidance, tutorials, or assistance on building.
Handpan building is exceptionally difficult, often expensive and requires many tools which we DO NOT provide.


Shells are only available to be shipped to addresses within the United States.


John H. Brown – August 17, 2019
Happy customer

“I took a ton of time to research where to buy my first handpan. My brother had purchased an Acolyte Handpan and loves it. The seller was very helpful answering tons of questions. The order arrived sooner than estimated and was well packed. The box had fragile stickers all over it. The instrument sounds great. All the notes are right on tune and the resonance is better than expected. I’m really happy with it. I love that Acolyte is powder coating the instruments so you don’t have to oil the handpan every month. That was a huge plus for me.”

Chief Bryen – June 12, 2019
“The shop was very responsive with all my questions and the handpan came quickly via FedEx. As a person who never played one before, I was very impressed with the sound quality of this instrument. This is truly an amazing piece of art and I love playing it every day. This beautiful sounding handpan would be something I recommend for anyone looking for a high quality instrument for a good price. I couldn’t be any happier with this purchase!”

Eric Fielo – February 14, 2019

“Really well packed, got it very quickly. Love this instrument! So much fun…Thanks!”

Mindy – March 5, 2019

“Very pleased, an amazing pan, perfect for me! Much nicer bag than I expected too.”

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